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At Sofco Erectors our most important asset is our employees. In recognition of this fact, the safety of our employees is paramount. Our efforts in this area are supported by our Master Safety Plan, which outlines the various exposures and abatement methods unique to our industry. Site specific safety/erection plans are generated for each and every project. Our efforts in this area have earned us the privilege of “Self Insured” status for Workers Compensation in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

Mission Statement

At Sofco Erectors, we take pride in providing our employees with a healthy and safe work environment. The Safety Management team believes that the only way for any effective safety program to work is for there to be a high level of commitment from the President all the way to a first year apprentice.

We work to provide everyone with the knowledge and resources necessary to meet our corporate goal of zero accidents by committing to:

Provide all of our employees with a workplace free from recognizable and preventable hazards.

Provide necessary safety training and education to our employees.

Provide leadership.

Provide both incentive and enforcement.


At Sofco Erectors, our Management Statement includes the following:

We the undersigned duly appointed Officers of Sofco Erectors, Inc. recognize:

  • That the steel industry is among the most hazardous industries.
  • That it is the responsibility of Sofco Erectors, Inc. to provide a safe workplace to its employees, free from identifiable hazards.
  • Our responsibility to the Shareholders of Sofco Erectors, Inc. is to preserve the assets of the Company and to provide an acceptable return on investment.
  • That the employees of Sofco Erectors, Inc. are the Company’s greatest assets and the means to generate an acceptable level of return.

Further, we pledge that we will:

  • Commit our efforts and resources to providing a safe work environment to all employees.
  • Support the efforts of the Safety Management Team in requiring compliance with the provisions of the Corporate Safety Plan.
  • Be pro-active in our dealings with the appropriate Labor Unions to encourage a heightened safety awareness of their members and an increased level of safety training.

Key Safety Personnel

Vernon Rucker, Safety Coordinator
  • Over 30 Years in Construction and industrial Field
  • OSHA – 510 and 500
  • CHST – Construction Health and Safety Technology
  • BCSP – Board of Certified Safety Professionals
  • OSHA – AS – Occupational Safety & Health

Safety Organizations

Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS)
ACI – Allied Construction Industries
I.M.P.A.C.T. – Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust

Quality Organizations

AISC – Advanced designation American Institute of Steel Construction
AWS – American Welding Association